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AmbiBox - creating a backlight

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List of supported hardware

Supported Ambilight devices (intelligent backlight):

  • Paintpack HD - see
  • Paintpack HID (support for multiple devices simultaneously) - see
  • Paintpack DMX - see
  • Lightpack - see
  • Adalight - see
  • Atmolight - see
  • Atmoduino - see
  • AtmoDMX - see
  • amBX - see
  • Amblone - see
  • SEDU board - see
  • Cat's Eye 4 - see
  • LiveLight - see
  • AmbiLED - see

Supported IR receivers:

  • IgorPlug-USB - see
  • IgorPlug2 - see
  • IgorHID - see
  • RAW HID Remotes
  • RedRay Grani J - see
  • RedRay Mouse - see
  • Paintpack DMX - see
  • DemHID - see

Program features

For intelligent backlighting:

  • Multiple capture methods that can increase the performance and stability.
  • Hotkey to toggle light.
  • Hotkeys for each profile.
  • Individual settings for each zone + color correction.
  • Dynamic or static background illumination.
  • Dual overload protection to prevent excessive amounts of data to and from a large number of FPS.
  • API to control the backlight.
  • Smooth backlight.
  • Colormusic (not available for Windows XP).
  • Game capture with DirectX 9/10/11 (with PlayClaw)
  • Control with IR remote control software and a PC.
  • Visualization plugin support for intelligent backlighting.
  • No CPU load (when using PlayClaw).
  • Master zone settings, perfect for a large number of zones for devices such as Adalight.
  • Automatically change profile depending on the running application.
  • Supports 3D video.
  • Web interface for the management of intelligent backlighting.
  • Windows x32/x64 - XP/Vista/7/8

For PC control:

  • Keyboard emulation.
  • Mouse emulation, several methods are used to move the cursor to achieve the best result.
  • Supports OSD (On Screen Display) text and skins that display - the volume, pressed button.
  • Emulation WinLIRC server server for transmitting IR data to other programs.
  • Emulation IRSS server server for transmitting IR data to other programs.
  • Launches programs and files when pressed button on the remote control.
  • Controls the relay on IgorHID IR receiver.

Shortcomings of the program

  • Not cross-platform
  • When using the first 6 built-in methods of capture, it is necessary to disable Aero in Windows Vista and Windows 7, otherwise Windows will disable Aero.
  • Does not work soundlights in Windows XP.

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