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[ + ] - Added
[ - ] - Deleted
[ ! ] - Fixed

01.11.2014 Version 2.1.6

+ Ambilight: Delay for output to a device, it is necessary if the TV delays the output video to the screen.
+ Ambilight: In automatic profiles, button on selection the application.
+ Ambilight: Popup values of sliders.
! Ambilight: The prohibition goes into Sleep mode, in a screen capture mode.
! Ambilight: Hangs backlight when the installed version Full Edition.
! AmbiBox : Loss of icons in the system tray when installed program only IR.

07.04.2014 Version 2.1.5

! Ambilight: Correct definition of the screens when running on Windows 8.
+ Ambilight: Full management of intellectual illumination through a Web interface.
+ Ambilight: Devices Paintpack HD, Cat's Eye 4, LiveLight.
+ Ambilight: When you configure automatic profiles in the {Captured application} you can insert the full path to the EXE, if you can not grab with mouse.
+ Ambilight: Configurable Web and API server.
+ Ambilight: Limit the maximum FPS captured of the screen.
+ Ambilight: Testing of LEDs and correct profile settings.
+ Ambilight: Property in automatic profiles, when closing the application will be set base profile.
- Ambilight: Running the Web server on port 80.
+ AmbiBox: Uninstaller software.
+ AmbiBox: Menu item to restore default settings.
- AmbiBox: Save button in all plugins, now the settings are saved automatically.

28.11.2013 Version 2.1.4

! Ambilight: Error if the capture zone is on the screen that does not exist.
+ Ambilight: The method of direct capture from XBMC.
+ Ambilight: Ambilight devices: Atmolight, Atmoduino, AtmoDMX, Amblone, amBX.
+ Ambilight: Multi Paintpack HID, support multiple devices.
+ Ambilight: Delay outputting data to device.
+ Ambilight: Localization program at: German, Polish
+ Ambilight: In the setup wizard zones, added setup zones for 3D.
+ Ambilight: Simple web interface to control AmbiBox

                    http://localhost    http://localhost:8088/ 
                    http://{IP}         http://{IP}:8088     

29.06.2013 Version 2.1.3

! Ambilight: When loading with active illumination and capture mode "PlayClaw", PlayClaw not run, PlayClaw said that is already started.
! Ambilight: Fixed bugs in the API server, it now works correctly with XBMC and Python scripts from Lightpack.
! Ambilight: Small fixes in the program interface.
- Ambilight: Paintpack 2.0 device.
+ Ambilight: In configuring zones (moving the zone), all other zones are not active and the current zone is highlighted, which facilitates search and configuration zones.
+ Ambilight: Added new capture mode for Windows 8, Windows 8 interface is now not slowing. New capture does not support full-screen games and other applications with exclusive access to the screen.
+ Ambilight: In the menu added item: "global plugins", you can now create their own plug-ins that could be controlled with the remote control and send data to the device backlight.
+ Ambilight: Installation package contains a global plugin to run scripts Python, Python scripts interact via the API server, and send data to the device backlight, using Python scripts can check mail and indicate a incoming of new messages.
+ Ambilight: Now available alternative of integrated color-music, as a plugin "Colormusic". New color-music has a variety of settings to achieve the best visualization effect.
+ Ambilight: Added selection of the order of RGB colors for the device Lightpack, Paintpack.
+ Ambilight: Additional device Paintpack HID same as Paintpack DMX, only with direct access to the device without going through DMX DLL.

02.03.2013 Version 2.1.2

+ Ambilight: Hiding areas when minimized or trying to close a program, without this program hiding, and zones remain on the screen, it was difficult to get to the main window.
+ Ambilight: Create new profiles based on the existing, it is very easy setup position of zones and other parameters.
+ Ambilight: In the setup wizard zones, added additional possibilities to create different configurations. Now the wizard has no equal in such possibilities, in contrast to similar programs.
+ Ambilight: Location installed PlayClaw, to run automatically in the mode PlayClaw.

27.01.2013 Version 2.1.1

+ Ambilight: The interface of the program with minimal settings, only the intellectual backlight.
+ Ambilight: Warning that the settings have been changed but not saved.
! Ambilight: Loss-emergence of devices when connecting-disconnecting other USB devices.
+ Ambilight: Adaptive method obtain an average colors, depending on the size of the zone. For all methods of capture, except PlayClaw.
+ Ambilight: Depth change smoothing for Lightpack.
+ Ambilight: Color correction in color model HSV (or more precisely HSB), replaced with the HSL color correction on HSB. The sequence of the data is as follows: RGB (screen, static background) -> HSB (color correction) -> RGB (device)
! Ambilight: Crash program in mode colormusic with high quality audio.
! Ambilight: Does not save settings correction of LEDs.
! Ambilight: On a static background, not regulated by the color correction for each zone.
! Ambilight: Work lights, with nonstandard settings screen ratio.

25.12.2012 Version 2.1.0

Now, the program and the plug-in has a new name AmbiBox, New Year's changeprogram name, but also like to change it six months ago.

+ Ambilight: Configuration wizard zones for devices such as Adalight, Paintpack DMX with the number of zones capture more than 20.
+ Ambilight: Automatic profiles, now when you start the program, it will automatically activate the assigned profile.
+ Ambilight: Minimum illumination is the same as on TV. Now, if the screen is dark, the lights will illuminate white.
+ Ambilight: Gamma correction.
- Ambilight: PlayClaw now capture mode when creating a profile should not be the first, because at the moment PlayClaw can capture the desktop, so the device does not shine, many users enter into a panic. Also in this mode, you can not configure the capture zone.
! Ambilight: When connecting or disconnecting the USB device, the program stops using the device Paintpack DMX.
! Ambilight: Appointment of the remote control buttons to activate a specific profile.
! Ambilight: On a static background, not regulated by the color correction for each zone.
! Infrared : Plugin not done full correction assignment buttons in mouse emulation, relays, keyboards, etc. - this is a temporary fix.
+ Ambilight: In the "About ..." add new contacts and links to support the project, and channel in YouTube.
+ Ambilight: Pop-up message will alert if you need to immediately upgrade the program.

24.11.2012 Version 2.0.9

+ Ambilight: Added devices Paintpack DMX, Adalight.
+ Ambilight: Added capture method PlayClaw (for this you need to download the program later version PlayClaw4 build 2303 and install it. And restart the program). New capture mode allows you to capture images from video players and games using DirectX 9/10/11. This capture mode as default.
+ Ambilight: Added button to enter the firmware update for the device Paintpack 2.0 and Paintpack DMX.
+ Ambilight: Added smoothness in color music for the Preset 3.
+ Ambilight: Possibility to change profiles on the icon on the task bar.
! Ambilight: Fixed errors when using a large number of zones of capture.

Version 2.0.9

+ Ambilight: Added support for plug-ins visualization of lighting.

26.07.2012 Version 2.0.7

! Ambilight: Small fixes.
+ Ambilight: Added function smooth change of images, actual to users Paintpack 2.0, Paintpack DMX, Adalight.
! Infrared : Small fixes.

28.04.2012 Version 2.0.6

! Ambilight: Background noise in the speakers when running the program.
! Ambilight: Automatic activation of static light at startup.
! Ambilight: Displays the status of the device.
! Ambilight: Position LEDs in of the color music for new and old profiles.

14.04.2012 Version 2.0.5

! Ambilight: Crash program with the active color music.
! Ambilight: The position of the slider "Sound level" in the color music.
+ Ambilight: Preset 3 in color music, and now works on the level of light in the lower, middle and upper frequency range.
+ Ambilight: Support Ambilight devices Paintpack 2.0 (www.paintpack.ru), with integrated IR receiver. The profile and the computer can be controlled with a remote control.
+ Ambilight: The position on the LED colors in color music (Preset 3).
+ Infrared: Added support for HID IR receiver DemHID (firmware developed by me under the AT90USB162).

05.02.2012 Version 2.0.4

+ Ambilight: Colormusic (+ 2 programms).
+ Ambilight: Checkmark uniform color areas in the positioning of zones on the screen.
+ Ambilight: The size of each zone when resized.
+ Ambilight: Ability to change icon size of the zone.
+ Ambilight: Checkmark "Hardware Smooth".

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Server IR\Backlight\Profiles\Profile name]
DWORD param "HardwareSmooth" with a value from 0 to 255, always defaults to 5.

+ Ambilight: Optional customized via the registry setting "PwmLevel".

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Server IR]
Create DWORD param "PwmLevel" with a value from 0 to 255, always defaults to 128. (I do not know what is responsible for this parameter).

+ Infrared: Support additional OSD skins.
+ Infrared: Optional customized via the registry setting "second relay turns ON/OFF PC", "third relay turns ON/OFF PC.".
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Server IR]
Create DWORD param "HardwareRele_1_AsPowerOn" with a value from 0 to 1. Create DWORD param "HardwareRele_2_AsPowerOn" with a value from 0 to 1, always defaults to 0, 1 - to include PCs, as well as a special button.

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