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1. Question: I plugged the device but backlight not working, why?


1. Backlight activated ? En activate backlight.png

2. Select the correct device port ? En select device.png

2. Question: Why do not light some LEDs ?

Answer: Possibly you have turned off zone when moved their Disabled zone.png

3. Question: Why the need PlayClaw ?

Answer: Beginning with PlayClaw 4 , AmbiBox can capture full-screen applications , ie full-screen monitor using exclusive access (games, video players) , this mode is forbidden to capture the screen and display the image on the screen. To capture an image of the screen in full screen mode needs a sophisticated algorithm to capture the screen for each program , the developer AmbiBox no such resources to support capture for all programs , but it is in a specialized program to capture video from your screen PlayClaw. Therefore AmbiBox can through PlayClaw can capture images from the screen. PlayClaw 5 is optimized to work with AmbiBox.

4. Question: What to do when with PlayClaw in the games decreases FPS ?

Answer: Such happens depending on the game. In some games at maximum settings FPS does not decrease, and in others at the maximum setting is decreases greatly. Partially this problem can be solved if to run the game in windowed mode instead of full screen. Some games support run in windowed mode, while others are not. To run the game in windowed mode, for games that can not run in windowed mode, download and try the program:

1. Borderless-Gaming

2. DxWnd

3. D3DWindower

Especially well it works in Windows 8, when in AmbiBox set capture method Windows 8.

5. Question: I choose the color music, but the video is quite different, where to get it ?

Answer: This is another color music if select plugins.

6. Question: When white picture on the screen, the LED lights up purple (other colors), why this happens ?

Answer: Not configured correctly color correction, for correction click the buttons En default color correction.png

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